Monday, January 21, 2008

Geometry of our trusty stead's

The next few posts or may be quite a few more I want to dedicate to the geometry of bicycle design and more appropriately the design of mountain bikes and how they have developed the way they have. My musing will be purely what I trawl off the Internet and slap together into some form of consensus of the issue. Manufacturers often have us believing one thing and then the riders another.

I have always been interested in the more technical aspects of the bike riding. So it seemed to me a great idea to start leading in a certain direction with regards to my blog. Coming from a mountain biking and more specifically a racing point of view I will try to concentrate on how the bike geometry of the bikes affects my racing rig compared to say a dirt jumper or downhill monster.

Geometry and how it affects our riding styles will also differ so nothing here could ever be set in stone. My wanderings through the information out there will only ever scratch the surface and I will not build on anything in any specific order but rather as my reading on the subjects extends so I will add to my posts.
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