Monday, February 4, 2008

Hope Moto V2 Disc Brakes

This blog is more aimed at the cross-country moutain biking side of riding but when some interesting comes along that may have some potential I ask myself, why not post about our rock hopping mad cousins. So whats this post all about,the brand spanking new Hope Moto V2 Disc Brakes, unless the headline didn't make that obvious. Why do you ask have I decided to post about a brake designed for our downhill brethren? Well they decided to use a technology long awaited by the cycling community and more used in the motorized cousins, vented rotors. What does this all mean? Well because there are two blades they allow the air to flow between them thus dissipating heat at a higher rate. Thus equaling better braking. Dyno tests show a difference in temperature of 15% between a standard floating rotor and a ventilated floating rotor. The weight of these finned beauties in a bit high and more suited to freeriding and downhilling but I hope to see these work their way into the cross-country mountain bike scene sooner rather than later. Singletrack has also run an article on this so go check it out.

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