Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cape Epic - Stage 1

So the first serious test was taken today and who other than world champion Christoph Sauser stepped up to the plate. He and Burry Stander took the yellow jersey off the MTN lad's who looked like they have more than needed yesterday finishing 20 minutes off the pace. Team Bulls put in a great effort to finish just behind the winners and taking up the rear was the Norwegian pair, Martin Bratland and Kristian Torgersen. So a bit of a twist as some of the underdogs made their way to the front of the pack. Lets hop ethey keep it up and make the rest of the race interesting.
Race reports from the pack are around and one of the reason's for only posting this now was waiting for the tired legs to cool down and then make their way to their laptop's to give us their insight. Jeremiah Bishop gives us a brilliant insight into the race and almost poetic way of describing the "magic" that the Cape Epic is. He mentions seeing two monkeys and not sure if tha tis a dig at the race leaders or a genuine spotting. Quote from the man himself and one I'd like to use on my competitors this season: "we reeled them in like tired fish", brilliant. Team Dolphin Trek were more than pleased with the ladies finish on the second step of the podium and in good position on the overall. Here's a quote by Fabienne Heinzmann: "It was a good day for us. Katrin was fast at the start, which helped me as I'm always a bit slow at he beginning. We worked really well together today. At about 50 km's in the race, we caught up with Sundstedt and Syder. Too bad we had too let them go, as I was low on food and had too stop for a gear problem as well. Overall we had fun, today was tip-top!".Photo's of the the Trek team from the first grueling stage of the Cape Epic. Team Songo's day is summed up here, with some valuable insight from team Manager Bobby Behan. Songo have a YouTube channel so be sure to keep refreshing for the latest from the race. Also great to get some reports from the midpack, as Team BBB were more than happy with their day. Full results here.
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