Monday, March 31, 2008

Training break

Today we took a break from our serious training schedule and the group headed out for an easy ride. We went up a hill which basically translates as the camels back, you can use your imagination as to how it looks. I've done this loop before but as usual today I found that the mountain has many angles from which to attack it. Really great just going for a ride with the guys from the group. We took it really easy and even managed a coffee break for about quarter of an hour. Homemade cookie's, the works. There was a threat of rain in the air, I guess the last death throws of winter trying remind us that Mother Nature is still in control. I didn't do anything crazy and took it easy up all the hill's, talking most of the way and generally jack-assing around with a friend who hasn't shown up for practice in ages. Someone he caught onto the cookies and must have gotten him out of bed.
Also want to announce that we, Ofir and myself, will be doing the Shvil Israel in Passover. Basically means riding Israel in its entirety, plus minus 800km. We're on a tight schedule and will be doing it in about 9 days so should make for interesting trip. I'll keep the posts updated about the trip as I've been dreaming about this since I got to Israel.
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