Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beach ride with Mirit

Kilometers: 17.1km
Duration: 1:22
Calories: 379
Terrain: Asphalt
May Mileage: 215.3km

Really easy ride with Mirit today. We went along the beach, my regular easy morning ride up to Rosh Ha'Nikra. Early out of bed this morning and into an old shirt and pants. I can't say the pace was exhiliranting but it was great fun spending time with Mirit on the bike. We were talking the whole way enjoying each others companies on a brilliant morning. Saw someone actually pull out a fish so there is still some left on our side of the Mediterranean. Stopped just before Kziv beach were there are some old ruins to make some tea. We took the herbs from the garden, mint, zuta and verbena. Lovely sweet tea but looks alarmingly like watered down urine with its yellow tint.
Got back to the house and decided to mow the lawn and work in the garden. Spent about two hours sweeting in the sun so sure it counts as a bit of cross training on top of the easy ride this morning. I'm thinking about taking a ride after the Giro this afternoon. I realized the sun is setting closer to eight in the evening so with a six 'o clock finish I could still get in a descent ride.
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