Thursday, May 29, 2008

Over the bars

Distance: 13.7km
Duration: 00:58:34
Calories: 876
Terrain: Single Track 40%, Forrest roads 60%
May Mileage: 308.8km

Went for a bit of a flying lesson today. Bent my dropout hanger and luckily had a spare, unluckily it was lying at home. I was going down a rocky section when all of a sudden my front tire bit in, hissed at me and threw me sideways. Obviously not used to single track or just getting me back for not taking her on the trip. The sideways action also landed me on the hanger and bent it. I didn't have a pump as my pump fell out my pack yesterday. The group was at the bottom of the hill and Omri gave me a spare tube and I hopped on the bike only to look down at the funny way my chain was feeding through the dérailleur. I can't say i was to disappointed to be limping home because I was pretty buggered from this week. I had a great ride yesterday and guess my body is still not in the shape I wish it was in. Tomorrow its of the the Meggido, apparently the place where the end of the world will take place. If it happens tomorrow I'll have front line seat's. hope someone lugs a camera along.
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