Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well today I was undecided about riding. Back and forth between riding or not. I wanted to go out this morning but there was lighting and thunder!!! This may sound normal for some folks but over here by the time May comes around water is the last thing falling out the air. So I snuggled under the blanket and went back to sleep. I was feeling my Achilles the whole day, testing to see if it was in any condition to go for a ride. I eventually made my mind up this afternoon to stop being scared and be more positive. After reading Dave's Blog I thought that I needed to be more positive in my outlook on life. So off i went on my merry little way willing my weakest point to keep itself in check. It worked, I think the fact that I was not concentrating on saving my heels from pain and just relaxing to enjoy the ride. I wasn't tense, just turning the pedals at a high cadence but lower gear to keep the pressure off. Anyone coming back from and Achilles injury on a bike should just remember to take it slow. I worked at a recovery pace the entire ride after Monday's ride where I felt the burn coming back when I was anywhere above that. At about three quarters of an hour in I started feeling that they were taking strain so I knocked off the pace and returned home. All in all I did just under an hour and a half. Very easy and relaxed. Another point that I'd like to put ouyt there although I can't test it for sure is that a single speed may improve the recovery ride. I shifted into my desired gear for the cadence I wanted to stay at and kept it there the entire ride without changing again. This may also have contributed to lack of pain but don't put money on it.
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