Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shvil Israel - Day 4

Sorry about not actually giving any info on the rides so far. Thought that the captions would explain more or less what was going on in the photo's. This day we went from YeHarkon Spring to Rehovot. It was a shorter day and one of the hottest. We wanted to get to Rehovot for two reasons. One being the fact that this is where Ofir stay so a so creature comforts were waiting for us. We would have had lunch there and then moved on the the Horashim Forrest for the eveing. The second reason was lunch, there is an awesome restaurant called Lebanese Petra?!?! The name was all to confusing for us but Ofir promised the humus there along with kebab's was brilliant. He wasn't wrong and after suffering to get there it was worth it. We had woken a bit later due to the supper the previous night that was potjie that the girls brought us. This was a mistake in the end as we found ourselves in no-mans land at about twelve either parking off for lunch in a forest or pushing on a bit. The sun baked us good and proper and we were truly well done by the time we reached Ofir's place. This made us less than enthusiastic for the afternoon ride but we thought that as we rode until two we could sleep the night and then be up and out of there early. Proved to be the correct decision becasue we prepared the bikes in the evening and were out the house by half four the next day.

Also apologies for lack of ride report but my Achilles is still in recovery mode so have only been on the bike once since getting back!!! Well I can happily say that the R&R is paying off and keeping it iced as much as possible is doing the trick. I woke up without any pain or pulling so things are going well. We have some public holidays coming up so I may use these to get back into the swing of things. I need to start doing something becasue I have the marathon nationals coming up at the end of the month!!

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