Sunday, May 18, 2008

Up we go

Todays things have gotten much better on the Achilles front. Went for my beach ride up towards the white cliff's of Rosh Ha'nikra. Had the wind in my face for the northern part but kept my cadence high and the heart rate down. I was feeling great all the way up without any pulling or pain so once I got to the turn around point I decided to up the ante. I had the wind on my back so geared up a gear or two and pushed the pedals a bit harder. I was on the lookout all the way back to check if anything was out of sorts but all the tendons were well behaved. Haven't had a ride like that in a while so to my surprise when I got to work I was feeling the legs. It was the first time that I was smirking at feeling the pain in my legs after training. So anothe easy week and I should be on my way back to getting into race shape. Thats a story for another day and right now its just concentrating on taking it easy and resting up. So I'm about to put my feet up, wrapped in ice and enjoy House. There's nothing like dark twisted comedy to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
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