Saturday, May 31, 2008

What to do?

Distance: 29km
Duration: 1:17:40
Calories: 1063
Terrain: 100% Tarmac
May mileage: 360.6km

Its not often there's cycling on the telly and its not often that its one of the Grand Tours, especially my favorite. I mean we're talking once a year and unlike the Tour de Pooh where the ASO needs to jump on its high horse in Napoleon like tantrums, the Giro is just pure pain. I mean who in their right mind has two tough mountain stages followed up by a 26% time trial. The answer has to be those crazy Romans. The last few week has been amazing with attack's coming from every corner, little Sella making huge time cuts and taking his third victory today moving him into the top-5. Then there's the reigning champ, di Luca making a real fight of it yesterday to move within striking distance on the young guns only to completely fall apart today. The wild Rico making every journalists dream come true with his swash buckling statements only topped by his even braver riding. Lastly Contodor comes to the fore with his quite style of just turning the pedals and like the deadly assassin appearing from no where to take you out. I'm a mountain biker and have not had the pleasure of going out on a road bike but watching the ballet of road cycling leaves me drooling to taste the tarmac with the wind howling around my aero form stretched over the handlebars. This leads to my dilemma, as you can see my passion for watching cycling is on par with getting out there and tearing through the single track. Today would be a pivotal day for the GC but I slept in this morning and really wanted to get a ride in. The proactive choice won over I'm lucky to announce and I was even able to get back for the exciting part of the race. Now I ask you what would you do if faced with this dilemma? A critical day in the mountains that could decide the outcome of the race or hopping on the bike for your required practice.
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