Monday, June 30, 2008

New Technology

Being a bit of a bike geek, by bit I mean that I spent three hours with a tooth brush cleaning my bike inch by inch removing each molecule of grime on th emachine. I must say it was a dream to ride a noiseless bike again. I ride an Epic and the newswire has been burning up with the new World Champions trusty steed. Mr Sauser's bike is a carbon wonderland and bikeradar have an excellent writeup on his 2009 Epic. The rear shock position has moved which is a rather big change and with the help of carbon have managed to shave off 700g. At this level that is alot!! cyclingnews has also released some titbits coming out of the elite circles of equipment. Bibkeradar also followed up with a report with the new stuff seen at the Valley of the Sun.
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