Saturday, June 21, 2008

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor

Distance: 57.4km
Duration: 3:22:12
Calories: 2722
Terrain: Rocky jeep track, technical climbing and some singles
June Mileage: 390.6km

Rather clever last night with a bottle of tequila that didn't see the rising sun. Well it did but just through the pores of my creaking body. Felt like I had cement filled legs going up the first climb, it is was rocky and technical on a nromal day but today it was torture. Got to the top and thought about throwing in the towel but perspired through it. Glad I did because the hours spent in the saddle today were fantastic. Warm but fantastic. It was an up and down route, climb a technical rocky trail and then drop down and repeat. I wanted to continue but the body was not happy by the time I had got to the forty kilo mark so made my way home. Maybe next week I'll be able to complete the full planned circuit. The great thing is that I can lengthen the route to my desire and there are plenty of trials leading off in different directions and rejoining later. Till next week for the long ride.
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