Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another sprint

Even as mountain bikers I'm sure we all want to avoid the above situation come sprint time at the end of the race. After today's stage of the Tour the flying Manxman, Mark Cavendish, was dropped on the final category four climb along with some other big named sprinters. I'm guessing that Liquigas and Milram really wanted their men in the front without having the invincible youngster blowing them out the water. It was a hectic final few kilometers with attacks coming in from everywhere, even Team Columbiawithout their main man was trying to set up Ciolek.
I happended across a great article by Mr Carmichael on how to beat the best. Here's his basic run down of how to come out on top:
  1. Use your teammates
  2. Use your upper body to protect your handlebars.
  3. Look for diagonal lines.
  4. Get your bars ahead.
  5. Make contact if you absolutely need to.
  6. Take off like a rabid monkey.
I can't wait for tomorrow as we head into the Alps. the cross over to Italy and there is the HC Col Agnel and the uphill finish into Prato Nevoso.
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