Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Going dotty

I was under the impression that sprinter's would often dominate the Tour. all the glory of the first few days has left me with the impression that many overall leaders would also have the green jersey tucked away beneath the yellow they sport on the final day of the trip around the french country side. I was mistaken! After taking a look at the records I see that the over all winner that has also won the points jersey has occurred only once, well twice but I'll get the the technical one a little later. The great Bernard Hinault whom I did an earlier post on happens to be the last winner of the Tour that also won another jersey to boot. So the Badger makes his way into another of my posts, this must be the tenacity that they spoke about.For the last quarter of a century the jersey has each been won by an individual rider.
It does seem the Polka dot jersey is more likely to adorn the winners shoulders come the Champs-Élysées. Seven is the number of times the two have been worn by the same rider. The greats likes Coppi, Bartali and Merckx all accomplished the double. The later has officially become my hero after I discovered that Edi Merckx managed to win all three jerseys in 1969. I mean the double is impressive but to come away with all the jerseys of the time is something that is truely amazing. I mention all the jerseys of the time, had the white jersey then been in use he would have added that to his coffer. I rasie my glass to you Mr Merckx.
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