Saturday, August 16, 2008

Club League - Misgav

Race day. Went all out but start a bit too fast in the first lap. There were not that many people who showed up so they decided to start the expert and the elite riders together. Being my first race I didn't know what to expect but went off like a rocket because I wanted to get into the single first. Came in with a super time but set me up for some pain in the next three. as i had over cooked it and the heat was baking my heat. The second lap also saw me loosing my concentration and flying on the downhill part of the course a bit too fast. Went into a corner to hot and paid the price. Counted at least two guys go past as I got my chain back on and luckily it was the ego that got dented and not the bike. I was filled with sand that turned to mud with all the water I was pouring over myself. The first dreadful thoughts of throwing in the towel for getting myself in to deep. It lasted only two minutes as I entered the next downhill piece and the cramps were moved to the back of my head as I tried to keep my beast under control. I was really starting to enjoy the race as i got into a sort of painful rhythm, keeping the pace as high as possible without falling off the bike in spasms of pain. The last two laps I found my rhythm and also got better after taking in the gels. I think next time I will rather skip the before race gel and rather take it after the first lap. I had used this in the first races but i don't really think its helps to such an extent, rather keep a bottle of isotone on hand for the first bit as the pecking order is sorted out. All in all a great intro into the expert level taking second place although it must be said we were only five riders. Look forward to the next race and more experience. Pictures to follow as soon as i find them online.
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