Saturday, September 27, 2008

Layed back

I have rediscovered the fun of the sauna and jacuzzi we have here on the kibbutz. The is a gym with pool and necessities such as a sauna and jacuzzi. Vital to every balance environment to thrive. I was supposed to go for a ride today and yesterday but found myself staring at the ceiling come one in the morning. Looks like Father Time has either taken some time off or decided to miss his nightly visit the last two nights. No good for getting in rest and then going for a ride so I decided to sleep in yesterday and go do a few laps in the pool. The pool is one of the most calming places of exercise that I know. The cool water means your muscles can't overheat and the non impact nature makes it fantastic when the body in a bit tender. What's better than doing a few laps? Hopping into the sauna afterwards to sweet out some of those toxins floating around in the bloodstream. Rounding off my relaxing cross training session was ten minutes in the jacuzzi.
Today I had the same problem with lack of sleep so decided to go out this afternoon. The weather is finally changing and the heat is being blown away with the wind rattling the bones. Spent about an hour and a half just exploring the surrounds and did some tempo work on the way back to get the blood flowing. There was a serious little wind on the way back but I stuck it in the big ring and pushed on. Felt great when I got back as I hadn't gone all out. The pool was waiting again so changed straight into my swimming trunks and headed for the pool, sauna and jacuzzi routine. Nice and relaxed for the upcoming week, the added bonus is that mid week we have the Jewish Ney Year celebration so more time off work.
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