Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The missing month

Been out the game for a while both blogging and on a bit of a downward spiral on the bike. Bit of overload from all angles and the blog was the first to suffer when it came to time management. I'm a bit disappointed because I had been building up quite nicely till the wheels started coming off. But then again such is life, sitting down for the hour or so everyday during work or at home just didn't seem to transpire. Took a bit of a hit on the racing front also and had my first DNF as everything just broke me down.
Luckily that was then and I've made a bit of a comeback since then. Also had a fantastic race last weekend in the Isle of Mann. Think that will be my next post as I bashed my knee's and shoulder so the comeback is now also with injury to boot. Trying to do too much too quickly is never a good idea and loosing the passion that keeps me pedaling is something I don't want to loose. But thanks to people that I'm surrounded with it'll be good for next month when the National Championships come around. And Mirit has been super supportive which has been the most important.
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