Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rain has settled in

I'm really glad that the rain has timed itself to my off-season break. Since it doesn't rain here much I'm pretty happy we're getting early rain into the dry, caked soil. That means we'll have some beautiful greenery and flowers pooping up soon, seeing as it doesn't take much water to get them going. We've jumped pretty quickly from summer to winter with the temp's dropping like an anvil in a loonytoons cartoon. The good thing is that the rain will probably be sparse after this stormy week we're having meaning that the trails will be firm and packed and all that dirt thats been building up will be wached clear of the trails.
I saw my pump track was well under water this morning so it'll be a good time to finish it with the soil being workable. Then in summer it'll bake the clay soil into a awesome little track to play around on. I went around on it the other day and I think the turns are a bit too sharp so I'll need to get the sharpness out of them and make for a smoother pump.
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