Monday, October 20, 2008

Winding down

So the season is slowly grinding to a halt and unlike most things that slow down and break I'm actually looking forward to this one. I've had an exciting season and one with many achievments and there have been a few new character building drills during the races and training.
Today went out for a easy ride. The group got together and we went over the race that was as well as make some jokes. I'm glad I went out and just enjoyed the bike again. It wasn't a training session and we simply bombed up and down the single track that makes up our training playground. Erez and I were also discussing a merger between us and another team in the area. We're pretty small although eash of us enjoyed success at the Championships. They took a few podiums in the lower age groups while we did well with the older guys. I think that by joining up we could become a more potent force to reckon with. Ego's will need to be set aside and of course you have team names and colours as well as sponsors. Not an easy situation to overcome but I'm sure if the powers that be can get around a table with a few beers something might happen.
As for pictures from the race, I will be getting hold of some during this week and posting them as soon as I get them. We're ending the holiday spree that makes up some three weeks of stop start holidays. Two days here and another one there and suddenly you have three weeks where work seems a distant memory. Well from next week its back to the grind stone but as for tomorrow I will enjoy it with all the enthusiasm I can. Decided to learn to play tennis in the off season so might go hit a few balls around the court and while I'm at the country club may as well relax in the sauna.
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