Thursday, November 13, 2008

Volvo Challenge Sdom

This weekend I have the lowest mountain bike race in the world coming up. Well the race is at the Dead Sea and being the lowest place on earth and being the only bike race that I know of down there makes it a historic race in my books. I can't say I'm in any sort of shape to be riding at the moment let alone racing. Luckily its a team event so I'll be going with one of my team mates from Spider, Oren. He's a great guy and into motocross so a bit on the crazy side. Should be great fun to be riding down there with someone from the team. This is my third running in the race, the first one my initiation into the world of cycling. It took another year to get into the racing scene and more serious about the sport, or as Mirit puts it addicted. I was on the bike about a week when I attempted this challenge in the desserts surrounding the Dead Sea. The start is at the lake itself so you can imagine that there's not much else to do than climb. Nothing too serious though if I judge by years past but still a challenge. The canyons that you wander through are from another planet and have you playing around on the walls as they've been carved out over the centuries by the flooding that occurs on a yearly basis. We've just had some rain and they are predicting some flooding so should make for an interesting trip.
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