Friday, January 16, 2009

Bit of Mud

Very easy ride with Erez today. Had some fun around the singles that we, well I say we but really more they have been building. Only planned a short ride as I feel that the flu is on the doorstep and was feeling bit tired. I had planned to do the century ride today but looked out the window at half five and went straight back to bed. Luckily Erez and I had said we would meet up at seven so I had that down and forced my lazy arse out of bed.
The singles are around Har Gamal(Camels Back). Fantastic enjoying your own creation although I must be honest in saying that some of them do need some more work to get the flow into them. There is one that just sort is really like jelly as you throw your bike around with some technical sections.
The kids had been building berms every where, even where not exactly needed. I was trying to convince Erez that if you use them they can be quite fun but he didn't want to be forced in to a line.

This was my take on the line. there was a berm to the right that I said you could simply cut out and come straight down the hill. This way you can use the berm to keep your speed. My theory prooved correct so we'll see whether the changes are put in place. The problem is that there are not that many riders using the trails so they don't have their lines as solid if they were riden all the time, guess I'll just need to make more of an effort to get there.
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