Sunday, January 18, 2009

The January Century - Part 1

Yesterday's ride took a bit out of me and I would like to sit down and write something substantial for you to read and not rubbish. The ride itself was a fifty fifty decision but in the end I was super glad that I went. After three days of horrendous wind I was not planning on going out and attempting to ride a hundred kilo's into a head wind. I also didn't have a set route but rather a grand plan of how to go about things
I rolled out of bed at half five looked at the enveloping darkness and went straight back to bed. After wrestling with myself I eventually got out of bed to realize it was an amazing day with only the slightest of breezes and a sun filled sky. So I packed some lunch and took my sparkling stead off for a day outing. One thing I realized was that I should have packed some spare lube in the pack but after it weighed in at 5 and a half kg's I immediately decided to stop filling it up.
The trip took me south down the coast and then inland towards my training grounds in Misgav. I new the area from previous rides so the whole day I sort of just connected up pieces as I went along. Next time I hope to explore a bit and probably will put a bit more into the planning of the day. The first part of the journey was pretty uneventful and seeing as it was through fields of wheat other than being beautiful and green it was mostly flat and boring. Luckily I had the iPod plugged into the ears as this would have been a long day keeping myself company. More tomorrow on how things went slightly pear shaped and a bit scary.
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