Monday, March 2, 2009

We start with the Mud

So my season actually started today. Well at least any serious form of effort towards racing this year. We have a race coming up in our backyard this Saturday and thought it would be a great idea to get me started. Can't say that I've really gotten going this year with my racing scene as can be witnessed with Trio's Challenge so I really need to start wimping out when there's a bit of rain or if the morning chill seems like it would be so much better to stay in bed.
Well this morning was one of those mornings that I would have stayed in bed. The ride to training the drizzle started and I knew it would be a crazy practice. I get up to Misgav and the rain is about to come down and I get my bike out the car and put everything in place only to realize that my quick release on the seatpost was lying the workbench at home. Luckily I was able to organize one from one of the bikes in the club house. So off we set with the rain deciding to promptly join us.
I must say though that I had a great practice. Went around the race route and I did the Elite track on my first lap and then the sport on the second. Because I haven't signed up to the Israeli Cycling Federation I can only race in the sport category so I've feeling pretty good about the fact that its will not be such a serious race. Only two laps and no serious climbs, not that my fitness is anything near where it was last year this time. So the season starts. Lets see how the next six weeks go when I race my first marathon.
I've decided to concentrate on the marathons this year as the Championship for XC is exactly at the time of our wedding. So this has been the main reason for me not having any motivation for racing. Don't get me wrong I'm super happy about the big day but I will be concentrating on the marathons. the champs for the marathon is in October and the one thing I learnt from last year is that trying to keep fitness for so long just isn't going to work. So i need to start working on my base and this is what the next few weeks will be concentrating on.
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