Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Tour is Upon Us

Sporting Cyclist 1
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With the tour only 10 days away as Bert reminded us this morning a he took the TT bike out for a two hour jaunt this is a picture of what they may have been slipping their bulky legs over. Back in 1957 when raiding the local pub for a cognac for a quick lift to back up those pill's that were handed to you while sitting in the trenches. The pictures of the riders climbing unpaved road's with cars conking out as the riders struggle up while dodging rock's takes you back to an age when it was truely the strongest who won. The '57 Tour was the first of Jacques Anquetil's reign over this great race and also the start of commercialism as riders were allowed for the first time to were advirtising on their jersey's. The Tour was going BIG. As a side not the longest day was 317km compared to this years 225km.
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