Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best of the rest

Secondo Martinetto quite funnily translates to "According to Jack". Try it by putting it into Google language tool. Back onto the actual post. I often find pictures of riders and there is very little story behind them. Trying to find out about the turn of the century riders that weren't amoung the winners is even more difficult. Martinetto is one of these riders but you never know what the future may bring up as my library increases.
Secondo Martinetto, Bayonne - Luchon
He was basically pack feed but this great photo show's the difference between the riders between then and now. Adversity was just part of the package and the riders were built like blocks of steel. I also really like the supporter, her face of sheer joy chasing this lone rider up the Tourmalet dressed to the T, gloves and all. Maritinetto would finish the race as the best of the Tourist's as they were known, riders without a team.

Photo via L'Equipe

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