Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hard as the come

I've wanted to do a post on the Gypsy for some time but somehow just haven't got around to it. I came across this picture of Rodger de Flaemninck after Simon from La Gazzetta del la Bici did a post on the pictures from Roadworks. Really some amazing stuff. This great picture is one of the best that I saw and captures the Roubaix in its essence. The rider is going out of shot, probably because the photographer hit a bump on the back of the bike. The action drawing the eye towards the splash that is really deep and the rider already full of mud. This race is closer to cyclocross than road racing but that is why the Classics are my favorite races.
via Roadworks
He won the Paris Roubaix no less than for times which is an amazing record by itself but add to that a win in the rest of the Monuments of the Spring Classics and you have one hard rider. He was not given the name Mr. Paris Roubaix for nothing. The only person I see taking that title away from him in the upcoming season's is Tom Boonen or Sparticus.

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