Saturday, November 24, 2007

1st Winter Ride

Yesterday went for the first ride since the rain stopped belting down. Stuck to indoor activities this weekend, laps in the pool and started throwing the weights around. To tell you the truth the whole gym thing is not as bad as I thought. Once you get over the steroid badboys trying to impress with their under sized T-Shirts and the homely gym smell, things aren't all bad. Actually felt quite good in the gym but realized how weak my core is. I reckon this is my main goal of this winter is to get my core up to par.
Back to yesterday's ride... Chilly from all the rain and the bit of snow that fell in the North but nothing uncomfortable. Worked our way along the beach till we had to head inland to Hanita where we were planning on playing around the single track up there. All the weight lost on the aquisition of my new bike came back double by the amount of mud she picked up. I felt horrible putting my new baby through the mud but no getting around it and the sooner the better. The rain really came down this week so our plans of playing around ended up trying to avoid slipping into a stray Pine. The ride was brilliant in the end and clocked up about 40km. Great to get back on the saddle after being indoors the whole week, man I love the weekend.
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