Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Monster Carbon

I saw this bike a while ago floating around on the news ways and again I saw today the web-waves alight with the Arantix. Definitely taking carbon to a whole new level, the futuristic looking IsoTruss frame is straight out of a spiders lair. Not sure if I'd be willing to fork out the hefty 7G's that Delta 7 Sports is asking but then this is probably the the most advanced concept bike around. By the way that is frame price only, there's still needs to be changed left to put the engine under this bonet.

Build Recipe:
  • 1,672 feet of carbon fibre or five and a half football fields worth
  • Kevlar binding
  • 4 hours of baking
  • Carbon lugs to put it all together
Take a look at Jason Mitchell's
full rundown of the Isotruss Arantix, gives full Q&A as well as more details about the fully built bike offered by Delta 7
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