Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rain and gym

Well the rain finally started coming down last night. Boy did it pour, basically came down in buckets and this morning everything was sopping. Luckily, or maybe not, I had a gym session this morning. Coach has given us a plan to work on and so I found myself breathing in that musty gym smell early this morning. First session so took it rather easy. Have never really worked out and this is my first serious attempt at trying to build strength through weights. Just never found the regimental weight lifting tang very conducive to enjoying exercise. Decided that I may as well use the facilities that I have right here on my door step especially as winter has now taken a firm grip.

Mr Mouton has quite an interesting piece on the Sunday run. I'm sure every country has a variation of this. Being a mountain biker don't need quite roads so much but I know that the Saturday morning ride here in Israel is as sacred as the land. I generally have my Friday ride which is more aimed at fun and enjoying the country side. Put the training aside and get a few hours on the saddle. Its also this Friday ride that gets me through the drudgery of the week. Come on FRIDAY!!!!
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