Sunday, November 18, 2007


This blog goes out to anyone who often wonders how to balance the job and the bike. Not the easiest thing to do on any occasion but after reading about Nicole Shue you can't but help feel like a whiner for not knowing how to keep it all in cue. Most of us have a day job to keep the bank balance in stable keel but I've often wondered how the Pros go about it. There must be some time where you have to say well this is what I want to do so throw down the gauntlet and bring on the red balance. I've only just started getting seriously into racing but I have often sat at work wondering whether I couldn't just drop it all and start training full time. We can all dream but then I read about Nicole and realized there is a way to balance both. She's racing and able to still dodge bullets in her spare time. So guess its back to the grind stone and stop day dreaming.
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