Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Well back in the saddle again after a prolonged break. Was back home in South Africa for a few weeks, no mountain bike ,no Internet, computers or connection to our plugged in world. Not because there was none available just wanted to step out of rat race for a little bit. Had a fantastic Christmas with the folks and can happily recommend to anybody to simply take a few weeks, switch off the cellphone and computer and simply relax. Ice cold beer after a long day sweating under the African sun was always welcome as well as the BBQ with grill full of hearty meat.

Me, Tammi and Dad loving the Christmas Cheer

So been back two weeks and just took the first week to actually get the work gears turning again. I have to say that did not think it would take so quick to rust up the old clogs but they were soon forced back into cruise mode. Last week started training "seriously" and noticed a rather sharp decline in fitness. Not to worry as it is the off season and have until the end of the month to get things back onto a competitive level.
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