Monday, January 14, 2008

The cold, cold morning

Had training again this morning and for the first time since I started riding I really felt what the cold felt like. It got inside the bones and there was absolutely nothing you could do about it. Had the leg and arm warmers on as well as two long sleeve jerseys but it still penetrated through all those layers and straight into the mirth of my inner soul.
I was browsing around on the net about various techniques of how to stay warm and came to the common conclusion that most people inevitably say that the cold will still get you. The most interesting theory and one that I also seem to believe the most is that the body works pretty much the opposite to internal heating of your house. Once you set the temperature say 37 Celsius on the thermostat then the heating system will kick into gear whenever the temperature drops below that level. Your body however has evolved an entirely different way of survival instinct. When the temperature starts to drop you brain decides that you could survive without those ten little digits on the ends of your hands and feet so it save the heat for the more vital life sustaining organs. Sounds reasonable and most people who have survived the winter elements only to come back two or three fingers less will probably substantiate this theory.
Well can't say it was cold to the degree of getting frost bite but here in Israel the temperature doesn't have to drop that much for you to feel the cold. Quite an interesting thing happened while we were riding though, as we cycled over certain parts of the surface ice actually began to form on the surface where our tires had been leaving a glittering trail in our wake. Took some photo's so will upload them as soon as I can.
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