Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Shimano

The new year is just over a month old and already we're getting waves of next years releases. According to CyclingNews Shimano's new lineup will see a few variations in there component offerings. Their current LX range will basically split into two now, one covering the touring side of riding and the other will be more concentrated on free-riding to cross country racing. This new line will be called SLX and from the pictures I've managed to see they look really stylish, we'll have to see performance of these new components later on in the year. Found some of the pictures of the customary Google search although there are some really great photo's here.

I was though more interested in their new hub technology which promises more stiffness and is apparently lighter than it's predecessor, 15% in torsion and 350g in weight to be precise. Fox has been the first to jump on the band wagon and from the looks of things it looks fantastic. May take some getting used to but Shimano have maintained that the system is similar to the current quick-release system so getting the hang of things will not take to long.

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