Monday, February 4, 2008


What an awesome name!!! RedCarbon!! These will be beneath Julien Absalon this season in the hopes of taking him to even more victories. Last year he was riding. With Fulcrum’s Red Metal Zero Disc he and fellow Orbea Racing finished top of the podium on many an occasion. These are stronger and lighter so watch out Mr. Sauser. Checking out the Fulcrum website I did not even find the wheels there yet so these must be pretty new.

With eight few spokes overall, four in each wheel these have a lower weight with lower rotational mass. More speed? Should we not be adding weight to the World Champ? The wheel's are also asymmetrical, basically meaning that one side is a bit wider than the other. The rear rim is asymmetrical on the freewheel side to improve torque transmission, while the front wheel is asymmetrical on the disc side to improve wheel rigidity during the braking stage, thereby increasing the bike’s steerability. Coming in at under 1500g these are going to be quick, not sure though if I would be tempted with a set of these because of the fear of cracking something. Probably make an excellent wall decoration though.

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