Friday, March 21, 2008

Big Day tomorrow

Today was bike day for me, even though I didn't go for a ride I spent it doing genereal biking stuff. We have this little piece of dirt on the side of our house and the neighbor has just put in a new porch. This meant that there was a ton of dirt lying around. So my mad scientist brain started turning various calculations and speculations over. I looked on the Net and found what I was looking for, downloaded the guides and went from there. If you haven't guessed yet I wanted to build a pump track. I started where there were mounts left over from the construction and these would be the berms that I will use. From there I built some rollers and Bob's you uncle i had the beginnings of a pump track. Took the bike around and immediately ran into a few problems. So unless i was going to use a BMX the rollers were to close together not allowing me to "pump" and get my momentum going. So back to the drawing board!! Took out a few of the mounds and build some of the others up and now its starting to look like something. Still pretty far off from where I want to be as I need to get some flow going. That basically took up my morning then I had to clean the house:( Not to bad as Mirit was at work and I wanted to fix things quick so she'd get home to a house that was spik and span.
This afternoon I concentrated on getting my tin donkey reading for tomorrow. If she was a donkey this morning after two hours of scrubbing, decreasing, re-oiling and adjusting I have a thoroughbred beast frothing at the mouth. The race tomorrow will probably decide whether I move up to the expert category or not for the season. I've decided that if I do win then I'll move up and get some more experience up with some tougher competition. I also want to get Uriel, a friend and my mechanic that I've been teasing about beating. He's be out of training for a month or two so this may give him the incentive to come race again. Great guy and genius when it comes to tinkering with bikes.
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