Saturday, March 22, 2008

Round Up 080322

Well from today I'll start with giving back to the community in a way. I'm subscribed to quite a few blogs out there and thought it would be a good idea to highlight the interesting blogs that I come across everyday. Mainly I'm interested in the racing side of things so new stuff that comes on the market and people are checking out will always peak my senses. Bicycling has a the interesting main stream info that you would expect from one of the industry leaders. On the other hand one of the reason's for me blogging so I generally try to stay away from the main-stream blogs and find those gems hidden in the rough. No one brings more to the table than Mr Moulton, as a frame builder of note he has some very unique insights into the biking world. I especially enjoy the walks down memory lane where Dave gives such insight and personal touch to his posts that it makes you want to learn a bit of history. On the racing side of things I follow from the best in the world to the rising star's: Christoph Sauser, Jeff Kerkove, Blue Star, Colin Griffith, Dave Byers, Dave Nice and two of my favourites becasue of the ping pong between them, Rick and Jason.There are many other and hopefully I will be able to pay homeage to some of the other bloggers out there that make my day at work a little more bearable. Keep it coming

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