Saturday, March 22, 2008

Round Up 080323

Imagine doing a trip from England to Australia. just the flight is strentuaous enough but to actually do the entire distance by two wheeled power takes some doing. I stumbled across this blog about Mark and Juliette McLean's epic adventure Down Under. The article though does not provide much details about the trip but rather the nifty little dynometer-come-recharging machine that Mark hooked up to his bike to power the electrical devices they had with them. My thoughts of doing something like this would be to leave all these world stangle holds behind and enjoy the solitude, apparently Mark still needed to update his blog and the laptop would not run on love alone. So a little bit of innovation led him onto this sweet device:Not sure about the weight but this little baby charged everything from flashlights and laptop to the tazer Juliette carried with her no fend off annoying dogs. Bike commuters has a bit of feel good Wednesday Woolday. They take a look at EWR's Polo Jerseys and take a bit of a walk through of where the company comes from and what to expect from the jersey. I'm pretty interested in alternative clothing and this retro jersey really caught my eye, especially the old English emblem embossed on the chest. I reckon if the royals had to take a trip around one of their estates you would catch them wearing one of these designs except maybe the City name's would be entirely correct.
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