Monday, March 31, 2008

Cape Epic - Stage 3

Down to business today as yesterday's stage seem's to have taken its toll on the riders. Jeremiah Bishop and Trek team mate and 24-hour champ Chris Eatough hit their grove and managed to even spot some more wildlife. Disappointment and excitement were witnessed today as songo team mates Christoph Sauser and Burry Stander were forced to withdraw due to the latter picking up a niggle in the knee. I will post later on this when more info comes to light, lets just hope that the BMX track still gets build for the kids. On the up side though the stage could not have had a closer finish with the top three finishing within 4 seconds of each other. Wish i could have been there on the finish line to see the top-of-the-top having an all out sprint for the day's spoil's. A two team battle seems to be evolving as Cannondale Vredestein, yesterday's stage winners, came in just a second in front of prolgue winners, MTN Energade. I can't sum up the race better than the guys on MTB Race News.
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