Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Whose your fool

Well been waiting for today in quiet anticipation to see what the web would spit out at us gullible people's. Creative juices would be squeezed to their maximum and there have been a few stories flying around on this the first day of Spring. If you have not realized or heard GM's lack luster sales will soon be propped up with their acquisition of Specialized. Most of the main blog's have covered it in one way or another. Another fantastic breakthrough has been discovered that will make blending your bike into the background much easier. B.A.I.N.T is a new product of astounding visual qualities soon to be released after passing health and safety regulations. A full article on all its applications can be found here. Sadly I must also report that those bastards at Mountain Bike Riders have decided to sell us out. Evomo have bought them out and we will know be required to read all the droll race reports produced by their riders. Sure there will be some harsh word from some riders as to this disappointing news. On a more distant front, we finally have hope with regards to global warming. The giants Google and Virgin are getting together and forming an expedition to Mars starting 2014. Lets hope they haven't left it too late. the project will sensibly be called Virgle, sign up now before its too late. I'm joining to be the first mountain biker to the top of Mount Pikipiki on the southern quadrant, the highest of the continent.
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