Saturday, March 15, 2008

Coffee's served

Bike hugger highlighted the blogosphere is full of coffee posts this last few weeks. I saw a few interesting pics out there with recycled bike parts as you can see above. I'm thinking that every office needs one of these. I mean surely this is doing your part in the global warming issue. Another interesting although fantastically expensive option to espresso on the go is the Handpresso. From what I can see it must have been developed by a Italian who just couldn't leave home without the his cuppa in the morning. But by the looks of the website its a crazy Frenchman that decided it would be a good idea to combine his hand pump with a coffee machine. Not sure if I'd be willing to take a chance on this high pressure coffee making pump but at 100Euro I won't be handing over that type of cash either. Here in Israel we normally keep a gas stove on longer trips where we make coffee the Middle-Eastern way. Called Turkish coffee, although I didn't find any in Turkey when I was there, its a dark roasted blend with cardamom. The smell is intoxicating after you've been charging around on a few single tracks. We also love herb tea, using mint, spearmint, zuta, lemon- grass and even rose petals. One thing I've found since being in Israel is a whole new world of spice options. We normally try to combine a ride with a visit to the local hummus shop, hummus is a mixture of chickpea's, garlic and tahini. Lovely thick mortar that fills you for the rest of the day and then some.
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