Tuesday, March 18, 2008

UCI Marathon World Cup Report

Well this weekend saw the start of the UCI World Cup circuit, at least for those with some endurance in their legs. The Marathon race took place in Manavagat, Turkey on Sunday drawing teams like Dolphin-Trek and Team ALB Gold. Velonews has a really good write up on the race, mentioning that it was the specialists that came through with the wins. 90km is no laughing matter but for these professionals it was a great start to the season. Esspecially in the women's race where it came down to only 5 seconds. That's nothing if it comes down to the line probably no more than ten meters. If you want to see pic's of the racers going through some of the major points look here:
Top three places for the elite men and women respectively are as follows. For full race results available follow the links on either:
  • Thomas Dietsch 3:38:54
  • Alban Lakata 3:39:15
  • Karl Platt 3:41:13
  • Pia Sundstedt 3:28:16
  • Annabella Stropparo 3:28:21
  • Esther Suss 3:35:39
If you're looking for some of the team reports and how they found the race Team Dolphin-Trek were very happy with their early season podium finish of Alban Lakata. Will Bregfelt gives us an in depth idea of the excitement and pain of racing in the pack. Bad luck unfortunately ruined a possible top ten finish but hopefully after three events of not wearing the lucky rabbits foot he'll have learnt his lesson and we'll wee him finishing higher.
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