Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Easy Recovery

Today had a recovery ride around our area. Yesterday was quite tough so today it was out in zone 2 for about an hour and then very easy for another hour this morning. My legs were still feeling a bit tender even though I took it really easy. Must say that riding slow is really difficult for someone like myself who wants to charge 100% at all times. After reading a bit from various coaching sites I found that it isn't necessary to get miles under the wheel but rather concentrate and focus on weaknesses. My coach, Ofir, has us on a weekly program where we build for four weeks then rest a week, which supports this view. Every time we start again the intensity increases. Recovery is just as important as the building and working because you need to give your muscles time to rest and rebuild themselves. I can see the results of this by comparing how I was racing just a few weeks ago. This last race I was feeling much stronger on the climbs and felt much easier during the race. I reckon that without a structured plan it would be difficult to built any sort of form season after season.
Glad I took it easy but my back has been giving me some serious problems lately. I woke up this morning with a sharp pain on my left side. Normally I feel it on the right side of my back but today the left was playing up. I think though that this has more to do with the fact last night started exercises for the back. Just some stretching, no actual exercise as such. The stretching was a little difficult but there is a yoga stretch called the cobra, you can use you imagination as to how it looks, where I felt the most uncomfortable. After finishing up I did not feel any pain or discomfort so thought I had done some good towards getting my muscles more supple and flexible. Fast track to this morning and I was cringing when I had to get out of bed. Still went for the ride but the whole days I've been feeling the occasional pinch so think I've actually done a nerve or something. will rest it up a bit and then see how it goes.
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