Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Broken back

Well if yesterday morning was problematic in getting out of bed becasue of my rather tender back today was impossible. Everytime I switched position last night I woke up with this sharp twinge and basically tried to settle down again. Decided to see a professional, yes I know I should have gone a while ago but men are simple creatures and don't need fancy doctors to tell them their body is broken. I mean I'm the one that can't sleep not them, probably sleeping on one of those ergonomically designed monster beds with dual springs on individual pivots or something to that nature. Luckily I also have a wonderfully supporting girlfriend who feels my pain. So this mornig Mirit turned me over and ribbed my back exactly where it hurt the most, sure she got some pleasure out of this. I must say that it really helped and my day was more than bearable after I also put on one of those back braces.
My next Cup race(the links are in Hebrew but here is the profile of the lap we need to do) is on this weekend. Its all the way in the south so the travel and my back pain has not focussed me that much. I say that but I will still give 100%, just not expecting miracles that's all. We'll also be camping which should make the back issue even more interesting. Fisrt thing next week though its me and the physio having a god one on one.
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