Thursday, March 13, 2008

Its a Miracle

As you might have read yesterday I was in agony with my back. moving became increasingly difficult and all the Voltaren and Bengay were making the house smell like a camphor plant. I don't mind the smell but Mirit doesn't seem to dig it that much. So I remembered we had pain killers lying around the house, neat little Adex gels, 400mg of ibuprofen per capsule. Little pamphlet inside recommended taking one tablet with a glass of water, I decided that my medical knowledge allowed two of these blue little bombs of pain relief. Yes it was that bad that I basically lay in bed the whole night thinking how I was going to race on Saturday!! I put on some more Voltaren and went to bed.
Think I dreamt of some strange bright lights during the night and heaven behold I woke up this morning without even a twinge. I gingerly tested the muscles, first a turn to the right... no pain, that's good; and then a twist to the left, also lack of any gut wrenching pull down my spine, hallelujah!! Now I'm not sure if ibuprofen is a banned substance but I sure as hell don't care becasue the pain I was in last night surely needed so sharp, quick action. This is also an over the counter drug so I'm sure there can't be much in terms of banned substance in them. I'll check it out. So at least I can walk around and the trip to the south may still prove fruitful. Fingers crossed.
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