Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jeff Kerkove's blog and pyramids

Stumbled Jeff Kerkove's blog today and it has some awesome reading. Updated regularly and has some sweet insight into the mind of a mountain bike racer. when you're talking about daily ride's of four to five hours you realise that this really is their job and it takes a hell of alot of work to get to the top. Luck has nothing to do with it and reading these blog's inspires me to hop onto the bike and complete my training, even with cold damp weather that makes a warm bed all the more welcoming. Another great feature of Jeff's blogs are that they are loaded with pics so you get to see exactly where he was riding the day and more or less what he got up to.

My less strenuous training this morning saw me discovering a single in my back garden. Went out this morning with a good friend and he showed me a single track that until today was unbeknown to me. I had been using the route to go directly to the two technical climbs that lie on the other side of the forest. In between though there are some sweet flowing ST, not at all technical but great to get the legs warm and keep the skills tuned. I did the hill's twice becasue had to do interval training so basically got to the top of the hill and then turned around and repeated it. On the way home we have a slight uphill making it perfect for my pyramid intervals. Starting at 1 minute all out and then 1 minute rest working up to 3 minutes at one minute step ups. Really worked well but I find that when I'm in the group I push a bit harder:(
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