Friday, March 7, 2008

Pumped for tomorrow

So the racing officially start tomorrow. Two month's of hard training and building myself up are going to be tested to the nth. Today rounded off a tough week of training and I hope I didn't push it too much. This is what Ofir, my coach, has planned for us so I follow the plan as close as possible. I also managed to get in the ride with some of the younger expert and elite category riders. Went well and I was able to stay up with them the entire time so feeling confident that I'm on par for the season. Don't really have anything to measure it up against seeing as this is my first season but I'm hoping to take a win overall for the sport category. Tomorrow will also be the first time that I see the competition for real. The other races were not attended in drives but they were great warm ups and get the first few under my belt. Lesson's were learnt and now its time to put this practice into full use.

This morning went for a ride along the route of tomorrow one last time so as to check that there are no surprises they decided to put in. The will be alot of climbing so this is to my advantage as I enjoy the hills but also some super fast singles that lead down to the bottom. I reckon I could make time up on both of these if I keep my head and don't overcook things and get ahead of myself. Just need to remember to enjoy the ride and not pump myself up too much.
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