Monday, March 24, 2008

Round Up 080324

I you love beer then Tin Donkey is one on the first places you should check out for sheer golden delight. I guarantee that you will feel the need to open an ice cold lager after reading one of his posts, so take the boy scout method of being prepared and reach into the back of the fridge before sitting down to one of his post's. One that really caught my eye was about the strange twist to a beer shandy that the Bavarians have. Originating from a bike race in the early parts of the century Radler has taken more to the main stream. Really interesting background so take a look if you want to baptize yourself take a look.
Something closer to home, or at least root's, the Cape Epic. Time is drawing near to this huge race that has in the space of five years taken multiday races to new hieght's If by now you haven't heard of this race in South Africa check out the site to see what you've been missing while you were asleep. Its on the top of my list and apparently so too on some of the top riders in the world. Christoph Sauser will be riding with top South African Barry Stander, all for a good cause. Take a look at this list to get an idea of the quality you may be up against if you found yourself on the start line. Jeremiah Bishop gives us an insight with his blog as to what you can expect from nine days through some of the most beautiful parts of SA, I can vouch for this becasue I grew up in the area. 24 minutes long, you may definitely want to take me up on that first tip of sitting down with a cold one, I certainly savored every sip watching the guys work so hard.
keeping on the topic of beer Jason invested in some high quality brew this weekend so sure he may be feeling a bit tender today. After those deadly hills he did sure he deserved them. Gregg reminded me of a rather important even in a cyclist's life, the summer solstice. It completely slipped my mind until a stumbled across the post. I can't say I celebrated it at all partly because of the race but mostly due to the fact that I completely didn't realize it seeing as the weather has been sweet for the last two weeks or so. most of the posts I've been reading are so keen to have spring finally arrive that even the slightest hint of sunshine has them out on the road putting in some none "indoor trainer" miles. Snow may be only falling here and there but the wind has unfortunately taken its place. Our conditions are no better this side and the desert in the south feels as if its on our door step. The hot winds pumping up makes stepping outside rather uncomfortable for anything longer than six seconds. The upside is that I don't need any layers to keep the warmth in but rather the opposite. Will need to invest in a vest this summer and a few more bottles for water.
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