Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Round Up 080325

OK so this Round Up thing has been taking over my main posts the last few days but thats mainly due to uber workload. Also had a rest day today so other than dreaming about getting out of work and taking a ride in the awesome weather we're having I was chained to my desk with stuff to do. One of the subsidiaries is going love next week so this means pressure, the fact that they have monkey's doing the work doesn't help my situation and a major overall with zero time was required this week. Luckily things have also quietened down on the racing front as we finish off the month. Only the Volvo Challenge coming up in Meggido this weekend so its nothing to serious. Also not a league race so I'll be using it for a fun ride.I'm pretty interested in frame building although I'm not to confident in the fact that I'd be able to pull off a masterpiece without a it looking like something out of a Dali painting. Craig is putting together a frame and has a full picture show on the brazing of his tubes before he puts it together. I'm really keen on seeing the finished product. You never know, I may always find a spae second to put something together although I'm more likely to build something out of bamboo and some wood glue.
Do have have a need, a need for speed. Sorry about that, must be fatigue from work creeping in. Well came across this piece of madness on Two-Wheel-Blogs. Two guys in South America by the looks of it charging down a seriously snaking, switch back death trail. In the beginning they huck it past some guys going to "slow". Unit says he sort of was impressed byt the way they made their way down the hill and went past the other chaps but I found saw it from a different light. No doubt the brother's Grim had some crazy skills but they basically pushed their way through some of the corners cutting off the other riders, they managed to drop a "Gratzi" every now and then but hey its an open trail so need to be a bit more polite from my point of view. Take a look and see for yourselves.

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