Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Car, bad on me

Well today I'm getting a new car. Some Japanese mass-produced gas guzzler . The great thing is that I don't need to pay for fuel as it's a company car. I'm not doing my bit for the environment, I know, but the drive is an hour and twenty minutes if you're lucky with traffic. Now if it takes that long in a car then I'm figuring the cycle to work and back may be more than the time I need to work. I've also been reading lately about the people who commute and was quite inspired. So I started looking for work closer to home. I figure that I'll benefit more than the environment out of this. Firstly it'll help my fitness once I get used to the half hour commute to work it'll be pretty sweet. Secondly being closer to home means that I'll spend less time on the road and more time in training. Another upshot in terms on time is that I'll get home and not collapse on the couch, so Mirit will certainly be happier with this. I may even be able to help out with cleaning up after we eat in the evenings. Obviously I'll also feel better for not pumping carbon into the atmosphere in doing so offsetting my carbon footprint a tiny bit. So hopefully I may be happy in the job hunting front and be able to return the new car and replace it with two wheels and something closer to home.

No more of this in the near future I'm hoping
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