Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a week

So this crazy week has finally come to an end and also taken its toll. I arrived home early this morning to do some training that I've missed out on the whole week. i got in a good training ride in on monday and thats been it so I was really looking forward to getting out for two hours this afternoon. Arrived home buggered from another day in the wars at work, pressure from the project definitely putting people and myself on edge. I just couldn't get ampt for the ride and fell asleep on the couch for two hours. Sleep??? It was more like a coma. I'm not an insomniac but lately I've been waking up at four in the morning and not able to get back to sleep. So the tiredness has just built up more and more and today seemed like the breaking point. I can report though sitting here typing this I feel hundreds. The little power nap picked me up big time so I'll survive this weekend.
Speaking of which I have the mini-marathon Volvo Challenge this weekend. No training this week + longest race of the year = low expectations. Was expecting to win but I'll be pleasantly surprised if I finish in the top ten. Looking forward to the race becasue the race organizers normally put on a good event on the side and not just the race. So tomorrow may go for a little ride just to move the rust around and not go into the race completely unprepared.Also realized that this whole "Round Up" post's that I've been trying to work in are not what I want from my blog. I should need to round up someone else's post but just work them into my posts. Blogging is to me a personal path and not a news reel of what others are doing, although this is also not a bad way to do things. I mean if I can 't work them in then posting a link is simple enough without having to do it on a daily basis. So the idea died rather early in its conception, unless you find those posts interesting then I don't mind continuing with it. Some leave a comment if you want me to continue with my Daily Round Up.
I found a brilliant link to a cartoon strip today. Anyone who has a desk job understands that a little distraction during the day makes things much better. It's pretty new my the looks of it but hopefully we see Yehuda Moon having a bright future for us unfortunate droll soul's bound to their flickering monitors. Yet more distraction has can be found on the Bike Hacks site, they've been taking the piss on those unlucky enough to find themselves wiping out on video. Apparently You-Tube is full of the stuff. If you don't wince or at lest pull some funny faces watching these you are not normal. Some of that stuff has to hurt as I recently found out when I wanders of the track a bit and found a lonely rock needing a cuddle.
Another of my favorite blog's is Belgium Knee Warmers who always seem to come up with some form of entertaining post on a regular basis. Writing about Pro vs Amateur riders, particularly on how money affects the sport. He suggested getting rid of the money who rid the sport of its doping problems. He gives some counter points but I really don't thing that it would help in the development of the sport. I mean we live in a pretty capital world, there's no getting around it, so trying to cut something that is part of everyday life wouldn't do anything other than kill the sport.
This also got me thinking about how we are bombarded with marketing and advertising everyday. Our outlook on the world is surely through the media that we use to require it. So watching Fox, CNN or Sky news will probably give you a pretty bent outlook on life as they are surely directed by their financial backers, in other words the commercials. They also harp on about how they bring you a neutral pint of view. Hogwash!!! How can your point of view be neutral if you want to report on it. Without your point of view you would watch the news without having all the discussions about the report, which would also be a bit boring to tell the truth. Two good examples of this are the latest atrocities of China and the Elections in the States. Watching the various ways that the stations approach it just gives you an idea as to how people bring across their views. I reckon it would be great to find a news media where people on the street are writing the news report. I also don't want to constantly listen to the death and destruction of the world when surely there must be some good going on?!?!
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